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For Media Organizations

In today’s market, attention is the ultimate currency. The main challenge for media organizations now is capturing customer interest — and keeping it. To remain competitive in the attention economy, the most successful brands will stand out from the crowd by delivering personalized value across every touchpoint.

Built to meet the needs of today’s digital consumer, Movable Ink enables the world’s largest media brands to create content that’s data-driven, contextually relevant, and unique for each customer at any given moment.

Content easily connects to all relevant data no matter where it lives, updates based upon a recipient's recent actions, and is auto-generated by the platform with post-deployment recency.

With Movable Ink, media organizations can automatically generate millions of versions of personalized content at scale to power any customer engagement, including next best high-value actions, lifecycle offers, and behavior-based content recommendations.

Inkredible Media Welcome Email
Welcome email captures attention through a personalized hero with on-brand font, prompts completion of high-value actions through an action tracker visualization, and aids content discovery by surfacing localized trending recommendations.
Media Mobile Mockup General
Several days after adding a show to their watch list, a user will get a rich push notification highlighting unwatched episodes and when they added the show to their watch list, reminding them of their intent.

Hear from Benjamin Jacob, CRM Marketing Manager at FOX Bet, about how his team utilizes dynamic personalization to enhance their reactivation strategy and get campaigns out the door faster.


Strategic Solutions for Media

Below are some examples of how media organizations leverage Movable Ink across key customer journeys.


Movable Ink integrates with various APIs to automate millions of versions of highly personalized newsletters, ensuring information is up-to-date and uniquely tailored to each recipient. Emails pull in the latest content for top news and upcoming shows, tailoring selections to individual users’ implicit and explicit behaviors.
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Media Emails Newsletters
Automate highly personalized newsletters and eliminate the need for ongoing production and creative resources. Recent-time content population highlights the latest relevant content that dynamically updates based on previous behaviors and interests.

Amazon Music Uses Movable Ink for its Personalized Email Strategy

With Movable Ink’s help, Amazon Music significantly increased their speed to market with sophisticated, data-driven content. They now have custom treatments that save time even as millions of 1:1 creative variations are automatically built....

How Warner Brothers Beats the Attention Recession with Personalization


FOX Bet Hits the Jackpot With Dynamic Personalization


Recommended Partner Integrations

The Movable Ink Exchange is a collection of the most widely used and trusted marketing technologies, integrated directly into Movable Ink’s platform. It enables marketers to quickly unlock the value of their existing technology investments to generate personalized content. Each integration comes with a layer of reliability, support, and reference applications to give you peace of mind and to help you achieve marketing success.

  • Branch
  • Iterable
  • Braze
  • Message Gears
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Whether you’re trying to enhance the performance of your campaigns or leverage data to build better emails, Movable Ink can help you use your data to better power customer communications and drive user engagement. Request a demo to try it out for yourself.

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