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Movable Ink Studio + Braze

Combine Braze's cross-channel delivery platform with Studio’s leading content personalization capabilities to maximize revenue and streamline production.

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Personalization with Movable Ink Studio and Braze

Deploy open-time personalization through Braze with Studio’s data-activated content. Seamlessly access any data element from Braze and other third-party CDPs. There’s no need for manual coding or to worry about technical requirements. Get the right message to the right customer and gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your creative. Join the list of distinguished brands using Studio.

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"We saw a 20% reduction in churn rate, a 6% lift in upgrade rate..... overall, the campaign was a huge success!"

- Lauren Pond, Sr. Manager, CRM Strategy & Analysis at Peacock

How Peacock uses Braze and Movable Ink



Learn how Movable Ink Studio and Braze deliver real-time personalization, while saving you time and increasing revenue.

Automate Content at ScaleAutomatically assemble unique content in real-time. No need for code to achieve dynamic content personalization.
Activate Real-Time DataAccess, transform, and decision on any element of data from Braze - without IT - to generate personalized on-brand creative.
Personalize Across ChannelsUse Studio’s creative tag in Braze to generate personalized content across every email and mobile interaction.

Movable Ink Clients See Massive Results

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  • 40%Increase In Revenue
  • 40%Reduction In Production Time
  • 422%Return On Investment

The Data-Driven Marketer

Download The Data-Driven Marketer eBook to uncover how Movable Ink is transforming content personalization by empowering marketers to seamlessly tap into any data from any source. ...

How Peacock's Year-In-Review Campaign Drove a 20% Reduction in Churn

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They Shoot, They Score: How the NBA's Marketers Increase Conversions with a Swish

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Activate your data into personalized content in any customer engagement. Get a demo to see why the world’s most innovative brands rely on Movable Ink and Braze to drive customer engagement and accelerate their marketing.

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